Craft Fairs & Events

We will be attending the following craft fairs & events in 2016, and please check back here as more dates are added during the year.

Wells Town Hall- 22nd Oct.,12th Nov.,17th Dec.

Wells Seager Hall, Union St. 16th Nov, 30th Nov, 14th Dec.

Trowbridge Town Hall - Unfortunately all cancelled by the town hall trustees.

Frome Sunday Market / Cheese & Grain. A brilliant street market on the first Sunday of each month. We are inside the Cheese & Grain building so please come and see us. 2nd Oct., 6th Nov.,

Marlborough Town Hall - 19th & 20th November, 11th December

Glastonbury Town Hall, 8th Oct.

Sherbourne, Digby Hall, 5th November & 3rd & 4th December

Wiltshire County Hall, Atrium, Trowbridge, Thursday 1st December

Chippenham Town Hall, 26th November

Romsey Fair, Crossfield Hall, 10th December