About Us

Sinceris is a very small manufacturer, based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, that supplies a range of natural soaps, cosmetics and candles. We strive to make every product as simple and natural as possible but there are limits to what we can do. The soaps and candles are 100% natural and contain only oils, butters and waxes; additionally we only add genuine essential oils to our products where possible.

None of our products contain any Parabans, M.I.T.’s, Tetrasodium EDTA or other harmful ingredients. We would also confirm absolutely that our ingredients (including Palm oil & Palm kernel oil), are from managed and sustainable sources.

At present we can only supply products to U.K. addresses but hopefully this will change as our customer base increases. We do, however, have one outlet in the Netherlands that sell a few items on behalf of a charity. The charity has been set up to fund research into a very rare condition identified as Kleefstra syndrome, which my eldest grand-daughter suffers from.